Medical Mobile Unit

Providing Life-Saving Medical Services Throughout the Lehigh Valley

Bright Hope’s Medical Mobile Unit is bringing hope to the Lehigh Valley through free and confidential medical services and compassionate and comprehensive referrals to life-saving and life-supporting resources.

The underserved in our community can now receive a free medically-verified pregnancy test, early ultrasound, and STI test in a safe and private space right in their neighborhood.

How You Can Help

Volunteer Your Time & Talents

When we deploy our Mobile Unit, we need to have a team of 5 in place: a driver; sonographer; client advocate; and 2 trained sidewalk advocates. The more volunteers we have, the more days we can serve our community.

Currently, our biggest need is for volunteer sonographers. If you are interested in meeting this need, please Click here to complete a volunteer inquiry form or call 610-821-4000.

Commit to Being a Monthly Donor

Adding this life-saving vehicle to our medical services will come with an increased monthly operating cost to Bright Hope. Things like gas, vehicle maintenance, an added staff member, and insurance can really add up. The estimated monthly added costs of operating our Medical Mobile Unit is $4000. If we have 80 people committed to giving $50.00 a month, those costs will be covered. To answer this need, click here.

Attend a Sidewalk Advocates for Life Training

Bright Hope is equipped to provide training for Sidewalk Advocates for Life to those who feel called to speak to and pray for women and men who are at the abortion clinics. This training is an essential tool in being armed with the best knowledge of how to care well for these women and men and how to best get them the life affirming services they need by connecting them with Bright Hope and the Storks Medical Mobile Unit.

If you are interested in attending a training, please complete this short form or call 610-821-4000 and we will contact you when there is a scheduled training. 

Be a Prayer Warrior

We believe our Medical Mobile Unit is going to make a big impact on lowering the number of abortions that take place every year in the Lehigh Valley. Something this significant needs to be bathed in prayer. Please pray for protection over the vehicle and the staff and volunteers who will be serving on it. Pray for the women and men who will find themselves in a situation they never imagined that they would be in and that they would find hope and help on our Medical Mobile Unit. Pray for those who are willing to peacefully stand at the abortion clinics and offer hope and life affirming support.

Your Donation Saves Lives

Total Visits
Clients Served

(62% increase from previous year)