3 Ways to Make a Pro-Life Donation that Has True Impact

3 Ways to Make a Pro-Life Donation that Has True Impact

To make an impact in someone’s life, you have to build a relationship. People rarely take advice from strangers, but they will listen to a person who knows and loves them. Although you may not personally know and love those at Bright Hope Pregnancy Centers, your commitment to the pro-life cause is like a relationship. We accept your pro-life donation, for the benefit of human life.

You’ve invested your heart. You are fighting for the unborn, and you are passionate. That’s a relationship. You have a connection. If you want to strengthen your bond with the pro-life movement and make a true impact, here are three suggestions.

1. Financial Giving

Of course, every charity requires financial donations, and the pro-life movement is no different. Organizations within the abortion industry receive annually over $600 million in government funding alone. On top of that, private donations equal about the same amount.  Pro-life donations are the lifeblood of the movement.

Your monetary gifts make a tremendous impact on pro-life ministries. Even a small donation makes a difference in the ability to assist women faced with an unplanned pregnancy. 

Giving a regular monthly commitment makes a significant financial impact. Bright Hope Pregnancy Centers rely on monthly pledges to set an annual budget. There’s peace in knowing the lights will be on every day.

By giving monetary donations to Bright Hope, you are partnering with them to provide confidential and compassionate care to the women and families of our community. Give a general use donation to help cover their annual operating costs or to a specific project.

Financially supporting Bright Hope Pregnancy Center’s annual events is also fantastic. Consider being an underwriter for the annual Gala of Hope. Give to someone who is signed up for the annual Lehigh Valley Walk For Life or fill a Baby Bottle.

Many people add a pro-life ministry to their wills or trust as beneficiaries. You can make a request to Bright Hope for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or give certain assets such as securities. Or, choose to make financial memorial donations to honor someone for birthdays, special events, or even death.

2. Volunteer Your Time

Donating your time also makes a huge impact. Pregnancy resource centers such as Bright Hope rely on the generous time volunteers give to keep the ministry going.  Many pregnancy centers will accept your pro-life donation of time, any day of the week. 

The center itself benefits from your time. Keep the facility clean and organized, volunteer to be the bookkeeper, or work in one of the Divine Resale Boutiques. Something as simple as answering the phones or greeting visitors makes a huge difference too. 

For volunteers who wish to work directly with the women, men, and families who visit the center, training is available. Keep the facility clean and organized, volunteer to help with administrative tasks, or work in Divine Resale. Volunteer your time to lead a parenting course, mentor a young man who is about to become a father, or teach a Bible study to shepherd young mothers. Fill out their volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering..

Volunteer to reach out to your church and others. Much of a center’s support comes from local churches. Or teach a Bible study to shepherd young mothers or listen to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and help guide her to the resources she needs to help feel supported. Besides church donations, Bright Hope needs corporate donors. If you know of a business whose foundation mirrors the pro-life mission, ask them to give.

Participate in the annual Walk For Life. Walk nationally in Washington, D.C., and in Lehigh Valley’s local Walk For Life. Help organize this event as well as others.

When choosing to volunteer, give your time to the area you would enjoy most. If you’re volunteering to do something you’re passionate about, you’ll be happier giving your time, and the center will benefit from your enthusiasm. This act is a one-of-a-kind pro-life donation.

3. Pray

Although praying may not seem like a pro-life donation, prayer is the most significant one you can make. The opposition from politicians, the media, and public opinion drowns out the pro-life message. Lift up every area of the pro-life ministry to the Lord.

Let Bright Hope Pregnancy Centers know you are praying for them. Contact them and ask for the first names of volunteers and their specific prayer needs. Commit to pray for them weekly or join their prayer team.

Join in the annual Day of Prayer. Every January, a Sunday is chosen as close to January 22nd as possible to remember the fateful Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion. Powerful things happen when citizens across the nation come together to pray, especially the citizens of Lehigh Valley.

Participate in the nearest “40 Days for Life” prayer vigil. Educate yourself about the history of the pro-life movement. Order materials from Focus On The Family, Priests For Life, or other ministries. Be ready to give an account of why you are pro-life.

Covering the protection of the unborn and the healing of their mothers in prayer is invaluable. You are the voice for the voiceless.

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